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  • Oure service:Forging

    Open die forging:

    Radial Forging for round bar.

    We forge high manganese steel parts in numerous shapes and a wide range of dimensions in small and large production runs.


    Capability in open die forging:

    free-form forging for more than 15 years.

    The following indicate some of the possibilities in our vast range of products and services:

    Forging units

    • 5 MN hydraulic press
    • 2,500 kg hammer

    Maximum parameters:
    Cross-section 400 mm
    Weight 2,000 kg

    Final dimensions:

    All common materials can be processed, e.g.

    • High Manganese steel(Mn 11--14%)
    • X90CrMoV18
    • Titanium (Gr1,Gr2,Gr5,Gr7,Gr9,Gr11 etc)
    • Freeform forgings
    • Perforated rings
    • Forged discs and plates
    • Shafts with shoulders and other contour elements
    • Contour forged bars
    • Curved forged products
    • Forged products with flame-cut contours

    Forging dies and jigs are manufactured and assembled in our own toolmaking shop.

    Capability in Radial Forging:

    We do the radial forging with GFM SX25 Radial Forging Machine.
    Piece weight
    Forged parts can weigh up to 200 kg.

  • Our Services


    1,What is manganese steel?

    Manganese steel is high manganese, austenitic (non-magnetic), work-hardening steel. Typically, its chemical composition is:

    Manganese - 11.00---14.00%
    Carbon - 1.00---1.35%

  • How about the packaging and shipping?

    Inside packaging:1pcs/oilpaper+Foam Sheet.  
    outside packaging: Standard export wooden case.
    1.By Express: DHL,UPS,FEDEX,Door to door,usually,5-7days to arrive.
    2.By Air to the airport,usually,3-4 days to arrive
    3.By Sea to the seaport,usually,15-20 days to arrive

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