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Mechanical Performance:
Product Tenslie Strength Yield Strength Elongation Impact Toughness
Forged-X120Mn12  ≥880MPa ≥350MPa ≥35% ≥275J/cm2
Forged-Mn18 ≥1050MPa ≥650MPa ≥25% ≥175J/cm2

Chemical Compsitions:
Product C Mn P S Si Cr Mo V
Forged-X120Mn12  0.95-1.2 11-14 ≤0.06 ≤0.04 0.3-0.9      
Forged-Mn18 1.05-1.35 16-19 ≤0.06 ≤0.04 ≤0.8      

Grain Size:
  • Grain size:Grade 5

  • Grain size:Grade 9

  • 01

    High Safety Forged X120Mn12 product is featured by high strength, great toughness, an elongation up to 35 to 60%, the ratio of yield strength to tensile strength being less than 0.4. Thus parts are less likely to have fractures under the working condition and the safety of parts may be effectively protected.

  • 02

    High wear resistance when the high manganese steel under the action of a larger impact load or contact stress, its surface layer can rapidly produce work hardening, with the subsequent formation of high-density dislocations and deformation twins, resulting in the surface layer of high wear-resistance. While the inner layer still maintains the good toughness. The greater the external impacting load, the higher surface abrasion resistance. After the surface-hardened layer is worn, a new layer of wear-resistant hardening under the action of external load is generated.

  • 03

    High mechanical properties Forged high manganese steel materials (Forged-Mn18) with high tensile, strength yield strength and elongation properties may overcome features of most materials with the inverse ratio of strength value to elongation value. They are both rigid and flexible, with outstanding integrated mechanical properties.

  • 04

    Free Of maintenanceThe main application of high manganese steel parts is based on the wear resistance. The connect sets consisted of manganese steel pins and bushings made of high manganese steel material (Forged X120Mn12) do not require the refueling of lubrication oils during the utilization process, particularly suitable for use under the working condition difficult for oil refueling.

  • 05

    Workability and weldability  after the high manganese steel is forged, the loose texture, shrinkage cavities, coarse grain and other casting defects can be effectively controlled. Along with the continuous progress of cutting technology and cutter materials, constant improvement of welding processes and materials, the conundrum of cutting process and welding of high manganese steel can be gradually resolved.

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